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July 16, 2016


By age 10 my parents divorced and I was being raised by my dad. I grew up on a farm, that generations before me grew up on. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the way I was raised. My dad raised on that same farm, had a life of cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles. He raced motorcycles, then moved onto cars. From Baja style racing to vintage British racing. I guess you can say I’ve seen my fair share of Race cars. My fondest memories are things I did with my dad, we went to the Long Beach Grand Prix when I was little. He got me my first dirtbike when I was probably around 10. He built a dirt bike track for all of us to ride on. We went to countless car shows. In High school I watched him race his last Formula V race. I grew up having fun, doing fun stuff. Being that girl that was raised doing “BOY” things. When I think about all of that now, it makes me want to cry. As a mother to 3 kids, I have wondered from time to time why my mom wasn’t really in my life. As an adult in my 30’s I have chosen to accept the things I can not change. I have never talked to her about it, and I just don’t feel the need too. I am content with my life, and I love my mom regardless of the choices she made. I just wish she hadn’t missed out on the things I loved doing as I got older. I had a great life growing up, my dad did the best he could raising 2 girls. Which brings me to when I look at pictures of my dad doing what he loves and is passionate about it makes me so happy inside. That man deserves all the happiness in the world. It also makes me think about my family. I married a man that is in some ways a lot like my dad. Into cars and bikes. Has good taste in cars and bikes. Works his ass off like my dad did when we were little. Little things like these make my heart full. What inspired me to write this blog post is this photo.


You can see my mom barely but enough to know it’s her taking my dads helmet from him. You can see in this photo in her face that she supported him and his passion for racing. This was before I was born, so I know that these photos were times that my parents got to enjoy each other BEFORE kids.


Nick just bought another new motorcycle yesterday. His plan with this bike is to turn it into a flat track race bike. When he told me about his plans part of me was like “why?” He needs another project like he needs a hole in his head. Then another part of me felt excited bc this to me is what I grew up on! Nostalgic memories. I think to be able to watch Nick race and have the kids there rooting for their dad will be so fun! I know how hard my husband works and I support anything that will bring him happiness and take him away from his intense work stress. I think about how our kids will grow up, and one day have photos like I have of my parents. I hope those photos bring them happiness, like they bring me. I hope my kids grow up having memories of all things they were raising doing, that are similar to the things I was raised doing. I’m excited for Nick and his new expensive “hobby”. I hope my dad is right there with us watching Nick race. I’ll always be there to take my husbands helmet after his race. I’ll always be there to support my kids in doing what they love. You only live once. Find someone that supports your hobbies and passions. Be that sideline mom supporting your kids and their passions. Its important.

Couple rad photos of my dad racing
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