My name is Marcella T. Miserendino
Born and raised in Ventura County CA.
Some background; Raised by my dad, I have one younger sister, and 2 older step sisters.
I met the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with in 2002, I graduated High School, dappled in college,  and pursued my dreams.
I opened my Modern Childrens’ Boutique in 2007,  bought a house,  and had 4 dogs.
In 2009 I got pregnant by the man Id spent that last 6 years of my life with, and on Febuary 2nd I met my daughter, Pella James for the first time, as my world should have been EVERYTHING I always wanted, my world was crumbling apart. I was a single mom, by choice. When Pella was
15 months old, I met a man who would soon become my husband and would change my life and perspective about relationships! Nick and I got Married in November 2010, honeymooned
in Italy, and were pregnant with my 2nd daughter Orla Grace by February! Orla was born 11/12/13, a couple days following our 1 year wedding anniversary! Our family was complete, or
so we thought! In January 2014 we found out we were pregnant again! 2 BABIES IN 1 YEAR!
I had a hard time with it, all up until my son, Nicholas came into the world in October 2014.
We are blessed with 3 beautiful children, in a little house on a small piece of property. I have
found peace and enjoyment learning to  Homestead, and by NO means am I an expert or
a “organic EVERYTHING” mom,  I do what I can to provide a healthy, happy lifestyle for my family. We have chickens, a garden, a rabbit, and lots of motorcycles!

Having 3 kids under 5 can be a challenge, hence where this blog was born: Everyday Cray!



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  1. Marlenna Gomez

    Holy crap girl! I haven’t seen you or your lil sis around in FOREVER!! Your babies are GORGEOUS! And Bravo to you finding a happy self! I find I might be making a similar choice as you did in I’m guessing in 09′ sigh* scared shitless but the line can only get pushed so far right?Anywho i didn’t know you owned a children’s boutique I’m def going to have to check it out for my lil man if you’re still local. And thanx even if I didn’t know it was you it did bring a moment of comfort


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