A typical day for me…

August 12, 2016

Heres a typical day at home with my kids…. in case you ever wondered what a stay at home does…

6:30am -I wake up to my human alarm clocks “mommy, mom, mommy”. I proceed to roll out of bed and wish I went to bed early an hour earlier the night before. I’m not a morning person. I hate the mornings. I’m soaking the last few days of not having to rush around like a chicken with my head cut off to get my kids to school on time!
7am– FIRST THINGS FIRST coffee. The kids can wait. They’re already too busy fighting over toys to be thinking about breakfast.
7:30am- I get around to feeding my kids. Breakfast in our house usually consists of Cereal, toaster waffles , fruit and or yogurt. In rotation.
8am- I’ve already broken up multiple fights and changed at last 3-4 diapers.
8:30am– I microwave my coffee for the first time.
9am– I’m beginning to internally map out my day. Where are we going? What do I have to do today?
9:30am – I think about putting a load of laundry in the washer and drier but then decide to hold off because I know once I turn my back to do laundry someone will attack someone and someone will lose their shit. Laundry can wait.
10am – if we haven’t left our house to do something I decide it’s time to engage the kids to play and get the F out of the house because by 10am it already looks like a bomb went off. Shit everywhere.
11am– I’m feeling the anticipation of the clock approaching 12pm for Nicholas Nap.
11:30am- kids are playing outside I’m feeding all my animals, dog, 4 chickens and rabbit. Making sure everyone has water, and am almost ALWAYS interrupted bc the kids are fighting over what color swing they want or someone threw sand in someone’s face.
11:45am-We usually come inside or I get the kids to the table to feed the hungry little beasts.
12pm -SHARP, PRAISE THE LORD Change Nicks diaper, fill up a bottle for him, put him in his crib. LIGHTS OUT. See ya in a couple hours bud.
12:05pm- I make myself ANOTHER cup of coffee which usually ends up being my lunch bc I just end up eating the half eaten Dino nuggets and fruit left behind.
12:30pm-I may or may not attempt to pee in peace or sit down to watch my guilty pleasure daytime court TV.
12:45pm- I realize I can not sit on my ass I need to be productive bc Nicholas is the child that with holds me from being productive.
1:00pm- laundry is going, load the dishwasher, sweep/ vacuum. Pick up toys, put lunch food away that I neglected to put away when I made it, wipe down counters, make my bed, re-heat my 2nd cup of coffee, pack in as much “chores” as I can before the girls start to fight over shit.
Orla is hit or miss with naps, so I will typically try to get her to nap around 1-2pm anything later id rather skip the nap than have to deal with a child that wants to party till 10pm. No thanks.
1:30pm -attempt to put Orla down for a nap.
2:00pm- Orla falls asleep, after fighting me and Nicholas wakes up from her screams. YAY! My kids RARELY have or will nap at the same time. Poor me.
2:30pm-Everything I put away and cleaned up for the first time has now been brought back out and a new mess is created. Nicholas is in full tornado effect.
3:00pm – I attempt to fold laundry, open the drier , couldn’t fold clothes fast enough bc the minute I open that thing Nicholas comes RUNNING to pull out all the clean clothes roll all over them and drag them all over the floor . Mission failed, clothes go back into the drier for a dewrinkle so I can attempt to revisit folding them later.
3:30pm – kids are hungry. Snacks come out, juice comes up, house becomes CRUMB CITY not to mention juice boxes are typically always left half full or squeezed out all over the floor. You’d think I’d learn by now , kids need spill proof cups. GUESS WHO DOESNT WANT MORE DISHES TO WASH THOUGH?
4:00pm –Orla usually wakes up around this time. She usually Wakes up Screaming and crying. It’s lovely. She needs a solid 30-45min to wake up and get her shit together.
4:30pm-I’m feeling anxious, I know soon I will start to excessively look at the clock to countdown to BED TIME. Around this time I am also mentally creating a strategy to tire the kids the out, and a dinner plan. The afternoons for me are thee WORST. The kids reek HAVOC, I’m
Hungry, tired, usually feeling either unproductive  or exhausted from venturing out with the kids.
5pm –There have been MULTIPLE MESSES made, insane amount of fighting, and little patience left in me. By this time I usually know if Nick is coming home at a decent time (6:30-7 or a “non beneficial” time anytime after 7pm) <— usually the case. I decide to load up the kids and get take out for dinner. We have a little pasta joint in town that has a drive thru. Luckily for me my kids love pasta, and pizza. It’s my GO TO. The drive thru girls know me by first name… I can’t decide if that’s a good or bad thing. I will say though there are NOT ENOUGH places that are kid friendly to dine in at, or places that have curbside pickup. At 5/5:30 my ass is NOT about to get out of my
Mini van with 3 hungry, filthy, tired kids to wait for food.
5:30pm- Kids are fed. Usually ends In a big mess on our dining table, floor is not longer an issue since we’ve gotten a dog (bless it)
5:50pm– I have looked at the clock at least 100 times counting down to 6pm
6pm- the most chaotic and anticipated time
Of the day. Our night time
Routine begins and I start to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I clean up dinner mess, kids are usually outside, getting their last bit of play time in, before I have to drag them inside against their will. Around this time I have to remember to take deep breathes and remind myself IM ALMOST done!
6:30pm – BATH. I’m Usually soaked by the end of
Bath time. 3 kids in one bath tends to be a bit messy. But FUCK IT.
7pm- I’m laying kids DOWN and tucking them in for bed. Bottles filled. Diapers on, jammies on, light snack given. Kids are either happy about bedtime or not. Which is irrelevant to me. I deal with the kicking, screaming, and fighting over bedtime bc let’s face it I’ve been listening to it all day what’s another 20 minutes of it?!
7:31pm -I feel defeated yet empowered. I am usually feeling unproductive with what I envisioned doing that day, but I was productive with my kids. Soooo… it’s bittersweet.
8pm Nick usually walks in the door, tip toeing to not disrupt the SILENCE. I make him
Dinner, I clean up the messes, I unload the dishwasher and load it again, I fold
Clothes, I clean up my kitchen,
9pm- IM DONE. I hit the bath. My mind usually weighs heavy on me in there. I reflect on my day. Think about what I could have done. What I should have done, and what I will do. I spend that time overstimulating my mind with social media catch up.
9:30pm- I typically go to bed. With or without Nick if he’s working late. Attempt
To watch a show but almost ALWAYS fall asleep within 15 min.

That is is typically a glimpse into my day. I do it over and over, some days are better than others. In the end of the day I’m
So grateful to be a stay at home Mom. It’s not an easy job. It’s a lot. To say the least.

2 thoughts on “A typical day for me…

  1. Jasmine M

    You’re a rockstar!!!! Being a SAHM is the hardest job!! I have a 4 month old and I can barely make it most days!
    You are doing an amazing job! The house stuff can wait because one day you’ll blink and your kiddos will be grown.

  2. Cynthia

    I love your blog, and I hope you never give it up! Reading this inspired me to have more patience with my 2 kids, albeit probably just temporary. It helps to see what other moms go through, you don’t feel so alone… Wishing you the very best!


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